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Home/School Agreement

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ActivityAs Parents/ Carers we will...As a pupil I will...As a school we will...
Being ready for school- Make sure our child attends school on time everyday wearing the correct school uniform- Attend school everyday
- Dress in the correct school uniform
- Encourage and reward good attendance and punctuality
- Follow up absences and lateness
Teaching and Learning- Take an interest in our child’s school work and achievements
- Encourage our child to always do their best at school
- Make sure our child does any homework including listening to them read.
- Ensure that school books are cared for and returned to school.
- Listen to the staff, try my best and work hard.
- Do my homework and bring it back to school to be marked.
- Return all books or equipment that I have borrowed.
- Teach effective lessons that enable your child and other children to learn.
- Encourage and support your child in their learning
- Provide a range of opportunities for learning at home
Behaviour- Encourage our child to have high standards of behaviour at all times
- Support the school in working with our child to manage their behaviour and support if sanctions for poor behaviour become necessary
- Follow the school rules
- Behave well in and outside of school, treating other people with respect.
- Encourage high standards of behaviour always
- Work with parents/carers to reach these high standards of behaviour
- Provide a good model for working with others
Support- Let the school know if there are any problems likely to affect our child’s learning - Let the staff know if I have any worries- Staff are here to support children and their families. We will listen and respond quickly to any concerns
Links with school- Attend parent/carers meetings
- Read and respond to letters and adhere to the school’s policies and procedures
- Take letters home and encourage my parents / carers to read and respond- Hold regular parents/carers meetings Inform you about any worries we may have about your child and be available to meet with you
- Continue to develop an inclusive school where all children, families and staff are valued and respected.
School Events- Support events and activities that the school is involved in- Tell my parents/carers about events and activities that the school is involved in- Inform you of any events or activities that the school is involved in
Travelling to and from school- Ensure that driving and parking near school is safe for all pedestrians and is both considerate to residents and legal - Walk or cycle to school as often as possible and wear my seatbelt if travelling to school by car- Continue to work in collaboration with Ealing Council to ensure children are safe on their way to and from school
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To view our Home/ School Agreement please view our Policies Page

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