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Admission Arrangements

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Applying for a school place – Reception to Year 6

Ealing Council makes decisions for admission to Perivale Primary School for pupils entering Reception to Year 6, in-line with all local maintained community Primary schools. Prospective parents should contact Ealing Council to find out about admission arrangement and to enquire about waiting lists.

Ealing Council also publishes admissions criterial for all community Primary Schools, including Perivale, each year.

For more information, please visit the Ealing Council Schools’ Admissions Page

Schools Admissions Service
(020) 8825 5511 (primary school) Opening hours: 9am-12pm
Perceval House
14-16 Uxbridge Road
W5 2HL

Once you have a confirmed offer for a place at Perivale Primary from the Council, our Perivale Admissions Team will contact you to arrange a pre-admissions meeting with our Parent Partnership Advisor.

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Applying for a place in our Nursery – children aged 3+

As a school we only deal directly with parents for Nursery admissions.

Early years education funding for three- and four-year-olds

All local authorities fund part-time early education places for all three and four year olds (starting the term after their third birthday) in maintained nurseries, primary school nursery classes, nurseries within children’s centres, childminders and at nurseries, pre-schools (playgroups) in the private, voluntary and independent sectors.

This entitlement for a free education place is for 15 hours a week, term-time only.

Parents who are eligible for 15 hours additional funding who would like to use our nursery as a second nursery provider will need to ensure that they are eligible and submit their 30-hour eligibility code at the time of admission. Parents can check if they are eligible at

Please note that should your entitlement cease due to changes to your personal situation, the school may require you to pay for your child’s continued nursery sessions or withdraw this additional nursery place.

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Admissions to the nursery

Perivale primary admits Early Years funded three- and four-year-olds from the start of term following their third birthday.

Important: please note that admission to a nursery class does not guarantee admission to the main school on the nursery class site.

For more information, please see our School Admission Policy.

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